dandelion wine (amyakieran) wrote in lawngnomes,
dandelion wine

Garden gnome politicos draw strong demand

LONDON (Reuters) - The country's political leaders have been transformed into garden gnomes.

Less than two weeks before an election, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Conservative leader Michael Howard and Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy have all been cast as knee-high plaster characters.

The trio are decked-out in their political party colours acting out their policies, said the digital television gardening channel, UKTV Style Gardens, who released the models.

"There is a gnome for every political persuasion. The exquisite Tony Blair model is digging around for non-existent weapons of mass destruction," a statement said.

"For those with an influx of snails and other garden beasties there is the scary Michael Howard gnome holding a "Keep Out" sign and for the more relaxed, there's a charming carrot-topped fellow sitting on a fence supping from a glass of ginger beer."

The channel has made only 10 sets of the political gnomes to be won in an online competition, but a spokesman said demand was strong and they were considering mass producing them.

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